1. Prices quoted are valid for 30-days and on current stock in store or as per stock available.
  2. Prices are quoted exclusive of VAT (15%).
  3. VAT payable on all invoices except on exports. Cedar Solar SA will charge additional for transport of goods.
  4. Stock must be confirmed for availability prior to placing of orders.
  5. Order cancellations subject to a 15% handling fee.
  6. Goods are released once bank confirmation of payment is made. Cedar Solar SA do not accept cheques.  Payment through card facilities is available at head office.
  7. Delivery, commissioning, call-out fees, installation, and electrical work are excluded from quotations, unless specifically requested to be quoted with stock.
  8. Product ownership is transferred once such stock leaves our warehouse with due risk placed upon the purchaser.
  9. Any job card or waybill (copy or original) signed by the Customer or a third party engaged to transport the goods and held by Cedar Solar shall be prima facie proof that delivery was made to the Customer.
  10. Cedar Solar SA does not resume any responsibility or liability for damages, loss or destruction of products once such product ownership has been transferred, this includes a 3rd party courier service.
  11. Units has a 12-month warranty on faulty workmanship and product components. Cedar Solar SA requires a “faulty product” to be returned for testing prior to claim processing.  Where such claim is approved, the components will be replaced.
  12. Abandoned customer goods. If a customer’s product e.g. a motor, is brought to one of our Workshops for repair, and is “abandoned” by the customer for a period of 90 days (from the date we received the item), Cedar Solar will recycle, or otherwise dispose of or sell the item as a loss recovery measure, to recover the cost of repairs carried out and labour time already spent on the equipment, etc. “Abandoned” in this instance means that Cedar Solar will make “every reasonable best effort” to contact the customer by telephone, and email (where such methods of contact are available) during the 90 day period, and if after this time, we have received no response from the customer regarding the item we will implement this “Abandoned Product” Policy and Procedure.
  13. If Cedar Solar SA does not provide the installation, then no responsibility will be resumed for faulty workmanship. The warranty only applies to the product/s supplied by Cedar Solar SA and not to the functioning of the system in which the product/s is/are used.
  14. Cedar Solar SA cannot guarantee the functioning or performance of a system if Cedar Solar SA’s product/s are not used and/or are mixed with other components not endorsed by Cedar Solar SA.
  15. SOLAR WATER PUMPS (Spitfire, Multiflow & Premium Range) carry a warranty for factory faults. The duration of the warranty is:
  • Spitfire (Griffon 50, Griffon 80, Griffon 100 & Griffon 203 ) – 1 Year
  • Multiflow (Duo 160, Pen 120, Octa 80) – 2 Years
  • Premium Range (Ceva 55, Ceva 80, Ceva 100, Bovem & Fortis) – 3 Years

from date of Cedar Solar’s invoice.

  1. The faulty pump and/or pump component needs to be returned to Cedar Solar SA for testing to which you will be issued with a result. If the unit failed due to faulty workmanship, a claim is submitted with the manufacturer and if approved, we replace the faulty component.  Claims cannot be submitted for wear and tear to which the client will be responsible for any work or replacement of components.
  2. This warranty is only valid if warranty form is completed online at https://www.cedarsolar.com/warranty/ within 14 days of system purchase. If warranty is not on record the system is not under warranty.
  3. While Cedar Solar SA provides advice regarding the usage of goods supplied, the suitability of the goods for the use contemplated by the client is the sole responsibility of the client, and Cedar Solar SA will in no way be responsible for the suitability of the goods sold for any particular end use.
  4. Our solar pump warranty is only valid if pump is installed with our suggested solar panels and in our suggested panel configurations. If controller & pump parameters are not adhered to and the pump system fails, it is considered an installation fault and the components will not be under warranty.
  5. Solar Water Pumps: If system performance changes and borehole information provided by customer was not accurate, the system’s performance is not guaranteed. The design is based on information provided by the client. If the information is inaccurate the system will not function as designed by Cedar Solar SA.
  6. If your borehole has significant drawdown/dynamic head, the pump performance is also not guaranteed. For the solar water pump system to work optimally a strong borehole with minimal drawdown will enable the pump to function as per specifications. The yield of the borehole is therefore an important guide. The fact that you must install a sensor minimizes the risks but not the negative flow rates.
  7. It is common for boreholes to have a dynamic water level significantly deeper than the static water level (This is due to the drawdown of the water level as pumping commences. Without testing the borehole, establishing the dynamic water level is difficult. With a large draw down, the yield of the pump can be greatly reduced. It is therefore beneficial to oversize the system slightly to compensate for unknown variables.
  8. Solar Hardware Sales: If a Product/s is purchased from Cedar Solar SA but neither the system design nor installation/commissioning was done by Cedar Solar SA, the warranty only applies to the product/s supplied and not to the functioning of a system in which the product/s is/are used. There are no returns or warranties on product/s incorrectly sized, installed or damaged through incorrect system design.
  9. Returns of regular stock items must be made within 14 days and are subject to handling fees. Cut cables, fuses and batteries are non-returnable. If we had to order special components that we do not stock the items cannot be returned.
  10. Should you feel the battery is not performing optimally, you are required to give us access to the battery monitoring data, we will then discuss the matter with our suppliers.
  11. Cedar Solar SA cannot guarantee the functioning or performance of a system if Cedar Solar SA’s product/s are not used and/or are mixed with other components not endorsed by Cedar Solar SA.
  12. Solar Rooftop Installations: All warranties and terms-and-conditions for specific rooftop solar projects will be in the custom proposal provided to the client.
  13. Cedar Solar reserves its rights to change, modify, amend, novate, add to or remove from (“update”) the Terms & Conditions, or a portion hereof, from time to time. Changes to the Terms & Conditions will become effective upon such changes being posted to this Website. It is the User’s obligation to periodically view the Terms & Conditions at the Website for changes or updates.
  14. In the event of any default of these terms and conditions by you, Cedar Solar shall be entitled to recover from you all attorney’s or registered debt collector’s costs on the attorney and own client scale.
  15. We hereby inform you as our client that we are compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”). All data collected will be mainly used for the core function of the business, the communication with our clients regarding, enquiries, updates on progress, correspondence or reports, information regarding our services.
  16. The data collected, used and stored is done so in accordance with the law and as prescribed by the POPI Act.

By accepting our quotation, we accept that the client has read and agreed to the terms and conditions as stated above.