Solar pump specialists

Solar pump specialists

A solar pumping solution for every borehole. Pump from 5 000 to 800 000 litres of water per day using solar.

Large installer network

Installer Network

Our warehouses in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Namibia support a strong network of solar installers in Southern Africa. Over 20 000 farmers trust Cedar Solar for their daily water needs.

Commercial Projects


We boast an in-house team dedicated to commercial solar energy systems and agricultural solar pumping systems, specializing in projects ranging from 50kW to 500kW

Wholesale supplier

Solar Supplier

Cedar Solar is a B2B supplier of premium, reputable solar brands you can trust. Our reseller platform empowers you to efficiently manage your business operations.

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Since 2010

Harnessing sunbeams, driving water streams. Powering the future. Cedar Solar excels in providing solar water pumps and energy solutions, ensuring you have reliable power and water through solar power. With over a decade of experience in the South African solar market, our expert team is ready to bring you sustainable, efficient energy solutions.

solar water pump

Our Products

solar water pump

Solar pumps

Variable Speed Drives

Solar Hardware

How we support Resellers & Installers

Stock availability

We carry a diverse selection of DC and AC/DC Hybrid Solar Water Pumps, along with Veichi VSDs, and serve as distributors for Victron, Blue Nova, Revov, and Jinko products.


We aim to keep our prices competitive, offering the best value for money products to support our reseller network in delivering quality service to their clients.

Sizing Tools

We offer a user-friendly reseller portal equipped with intuitive sizing tools, enabling resellers to efficiently manage their businesses. Our solar pump sizing tool ensures precise pump sizing in under 60 seconds.

Support services

We have repair workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with telephonic support available Monday to Friday for all products sold. Our fully functional workshop allows for convenient product testing and repairs.


For solar installers purchasing solar pumps from us, we offer both online and in-person training sessions, aimed at minimising on-site time and maximising efficiency.

Brands we distribute

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