Multiflow Duo 200

Pump specs


Multiflow Duo 200


90-430 V


2200 Watts

Max flow rate

10.5 m³/h

Max Head

200 m


12 months


General Data

Package dimensions

Solar panel requirements

Panel Voc multiplied by the number of panels must be lower than the voltage limit of controller

Important information

  • Always follow the recommended solar panel configurations

  • Exceeding the voltage limit of the controller by adding too many panels will cause damage not covered by the warranty. This is an installation error.

Frequently asked questions

Our warranty is a limited liability warranty against manufacturer defects. If there are any issues with our solar pumps during the warranty period, please contact us. We have a fully functional pump workshop and keep spare parts in stock. We also offer remote support, if the issue is not resolved you can submit a claim request. If the claim is approved we will replace the defective product or part.

Spitfire Range – 12 months
Premium Range – 24 months
Multiflow Range – 12 months

From date of purchase from Cedar Solar SA (Invoice Date)

You will need the following to complete the installation:

  • Three Core Submersible Cable. 4mm up to 60m and 6mm up to 120m.
  • Cable Splice Kit to connect the pump power cable to the submersible cable
  • A baseplate to secure the pump to the top of the borehole and keep everything in position
  • Polyprop Rope to secure the pump to the baseplate
  • Solar cable (optional) if the panels are installed further than 3m from the borehole
  • Pipe – Water pipe 32mm HDPE is the most common
  • Pipe Fittings – to connect the pump to the pipe, baseplate and pipeline
  • Groundmount to ensure you panel is installed at the optimal angle to the sun

No installation is not included.

We can quote on installation in Gauteng.

Outside of Gauteng (and parts of Southern Africa) we work with a network of 150 independent solar pump installers. We will put you in touch with your nearest installer that can quote you on the products and installation. Their pricing in-line with ours and you will have local support which is important.