Resellers Tiered Pricing Structure

New Reseller Pricing Structure

We will migrate to the new volume discount structure on 1 April 2024 (from Q2). 

Total reseller purchases in 2023 calendar year will be used to categorise the resellers. 

1 x reseller representative will need to complete our online Solar Pump Troubleshooting Course (1 hour course) before 1 July 2024 to maintain current status. More info will be sent via email once the course is online.

In-Person & Online Training Rollout 2024

We highly value our partnership with our resellers, and we believe in empowering you to be the first point of contact for end users facing any issues. Our collaboration with installers is a fundamental aspect of our business, and we trust in your expertise and customer service skills to handle initial inquiries and challenges.

Directing end users to us for every issue can place considerable strain on our support department, affecting our ability to provide timely and effective service. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a balanced and efficient support system, ensuring that we can all thrive and deliver exceptional service together.

If you feel the need for additional training, either in person or online, to better serve end users, we encourage you to book a training session. Please contact Anton at [email protected] to schedule your session.

We are here to support and equip you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in your role. Thank you for your continued partnership and dedication.


  • We’re excited to share we are investing into a national marketing campaign, which will generate valuable leads. Loyal installers who prioritise offering our products will receive these leads. Please note, if you’re promoting multiple brands, we may not be able to pass these leads to you. This approach ensures that our marketing efforts directly benefit our dedicated partners and maintain brand integrity.
  • Our in-house marketing team is ready to assist with creating branded social media posts and brochures. Email [email protected] with your logo, company name, and contact details to receive customized brochures and social media content.
  • Please wait for confirmation from our dispatch team before sending couriers for order collection to ensure your order is ready.
  • Orders are only released after payment cleared in our account. This is to safeguard against recent scams. For urgent orders, immediate payment is recommended.
  • For support issues, email [email protected] to receive a ticket number for tracking.
  • Your designated account holder should be your first point of contact. For any service issues, please email [email protected] for assistance.
  • We offer free weekly delivery services in Johannesburg and Pretoria.
  • Your feedback is valuable to us. For suggestions on improving our services, please email [email protected].
  • As resellers & installers, you are the primary contact for your clients. While we’re here to support you, directly handling client issues is beneficial for your business. We may not always have complete context, especially if we haven’t been on-site or if the system includes components not supplied by us. Passing every issue to us can be challenging. We encourage you to assist your clients where possible, and we’ll provide backup support when needed.