Multiflow Pumps - Duo 200

Duo 2002023-08-23T11:42:03+02:00


  • Uses solar panels, generator or grid power

  • No Batteries Required

  • Dry Run Protection

  • Smart Switchover Included

Model Duo 200
Voltage 90 – 430 V
Power 2200 Watts
Max Flow Rate 10.5 m3/h
Max Head 200 m
Warranty 12 Months
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Outlet 50 mm
Pump Diameter 90 mm
Type of Pump Multistage Impeller
Submersible Depth 120 m
Optimal Input Voltage 90 – 430 Voc
Input Limit/Max 430 Voc


Length 1310 mm
Width 150 mm
Height  150 mm
Weight 22 kg


330 Watts 44 V 3 – 8
470 Watts 49 V 3 – 7
550 Watts 52V 3 – 7

Panel Voc multiplied by the number of panels must be lower than the voltage limit of controller


  • Always follow the recommended solar panel configurations

  • Exceeding the voltage limit of the controller by adding too many panels will cause damage not covered by the warranty. This is an installation error.


Do you offer a warranty on your pumps?2024-01-19T11:18:02+02:00

Our warranty is a limited liability warranty against manufacturer defects. If there are any issues with our solar pumps during the warranty period, please contact us. We have a fully functional pump workshop and keep spare parts in stock. We also offer remote support, if the issue is not resolved you can submit a claim request. If the claim is approved, we will replace the defective product or part.

  • Spitfire Range – 12 months
  • Premium Range – 24 months
  • Multiflow Range – 12 months

From date of purchase from Cedar Solar SA (Invoice Date)

What else do I need besides the pump, controller and solar panels?2022-08-16T18:05:40+02:00

You will need the following to complete the installation:

  • Three Core Submersible Cable. 4mm up to 60m and 6mm up to 120m.
  • Cable Splice Kit to connect the pump power cable to the submersible cable
  • A baseplate to secure the pump to the top of the borehole and keep everything in position
  • Polyprop Rope to secure the pump to the baseplate
  • Solar cable (optional) if the panels are installed further than 3m from the borehole
  • Pipe – Water pipe 32mm HDPE is the most common
  • Pipe Fittings – to connect the pump to the pipe, baseplate and pipeline
  • Groundmount to ensure you panel is installed at the optimal angle to the sun
Is installation included? Do you do installations?2022-08-17T07:56:18+02:00

No installation is not included.

We can quote on installation in Gauteng.

Outside of Gauteng (and parts of Southern Africa) we work with a network of 150 independent solar pump installers. We will put you in touch with your nearest installer that can quote you on the products and installation. Their pricing in-line with ours and you will have local support which is important.

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