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The Basics of a Backup Energy System

What is a backup power system? A backup power system provides power when the grid fails. This system does not need solar panels, which makes it more affordable and faster to install. The batteries bank is charged via the AC charger in the inverter when grid power is available.

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Different types of solar energy systems

Which Type of Solar System Do You Need? It’s important to decide what you would like to achieve by switching to solar, as different systems deliver different results. Do you want power during load shedding? Do you want to save on your electricity bill? Do you want to live a

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Quick Intro: How a small basic 12V solar system works (with DC to AC inverter)

A basic solar system is made of 4 main components. These are solar panels, a charge controller, batteries and an inverter. These all work together to use the energy from the sun run your household appliances like a tv, radio or fridge. Top left solar module, top right charge controller,

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Things to consider before switching to solar

Things to consider before switching to solar Understand the basics of how a solar energy system works. PDF DOWNLOAD The quick and dirty version: It is important to understand some fundamentals before switching to solar. When the sun shines on solar panels they produce DC power. Solar Panels do not

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